Parent/Teacher Information Interviews

Our first Parent/Teacher interviews are on 12th February 2018.

Children attend school for the normal school day from 9:00am - 3:20pm.

Time slips for parents were sent home on Friday 9th February.

If you are not sure what time your interview is, please contact the office or check with your child's classroom teacher on Monday morning.

These interviews are for you to provide information about your child to the teacher and for the teacher to give you some information about expectations for your child and classroom processes. They are not for reporting on the academic progress of your child. School reports are sent home at the end of term 2 and term 4. Interviews to discuss the progress of your child are held early in term 3.

You are always welcome to talk to your child's classroom teacher about your child and school. However, you will need to arrange a mutually convenient time with the teacher, either before or after school, or sometimes during the school day, depending on timetables. When with a class, teachers need to attend to the students and it is not the right time to have a conversation.