Message From the Principal

Welcome to the Albion Primary School website!


I am delighted and very honoured to be the Principal of Albion Primary School.

I look forward to working with each and everyone of our students, parents and staff to make Albion Primary School an even greater school. One of the things I appreciate about Albion being a small school, is having the opportunity to get to know everyone in our community.

At Albion, you will find a very caring staff who want only the best for your child/children. The students are always our first priority. At Albion, the staff believes that wellbeing plays a critical role in the achievement and engagement of all learners. While health and wellbeing are important outcomes in their own right, they are also a precondition for learning. In order for the students to learn, they need to feel safe, be healthy and have a good sense of wellbeing. Staff ensure that our educational environments are calm, caring, supportive and engaging. It is important that children have a positive and happy start to their school life, feel valued and confident in an atmosphere where they can achieve to the best of their ability.


The school's website aims to provide you with some information about Albion Primary School. I am happy to take you on a tour of the school at a mutually convenient time or answer any questions you may have.


I love working at Albion Primary School. May you find our school, who has served the Albion community so well for over 90 years, an important and happy part of you and your child's life.




Adrienne Williamson