Specialist Program

In 2016, Albion Primary School has specialist teachers in physical education, performing arts and a specialist teacher-librarian. All students spend an hour a week in each of the specialists' classes. Students also participate in a visual arts lesson each week in the art room. Their class teacher is supported by a staff member whose interests are in art and craft to run these lessons.


All students also participate in a music session each week where they are able to learn to play the djembe, a goblet-shaped drum played with the bare hands. They are being taught by a professional musician who specialises in percussion and drumming. As well as drumming, they sing songs, learn musical rhythms and notation.


Children in years prep - two are learning Italian as a Language Other Than English (LOTE) and are enjoying learning through songs, rhymes and working together.


Children have the opportunity to learn keyboard at school. An outside provider comes to the school once a week and teaches keyboard. Parents have to enrol their child with the provider and pay the relevant costs.