Message From the Principal

Welcome to the Albion Primary School website!


The school council and staff welcome you and your child/children to the Albion Primary School community. We hope that it will be a happy and fulfilling experience. We know that primary school is an important time in the lives of children and their families. Our school provides a genuine caring and safe environment in which all students can learn. The Albion Primary School staff members are concerned with the wellbeing of each child they teach and the quality of the curriculum they provide.


This website aims to provide information about our school. We would be pleased to answer any of your questions or provide any additional assistance you may require. Please email us at or phone on 9311-1325 should you require further information.


We ‘aim high’ at Albion Primary School in terms of learning and behaviour. This is best achieved when parents, teachers and students share their goals and work together to achieve them. The development of this partnership is important for children to learn and be happy at school.


Listed below are suggested ways in which you can assist your child to achieve their goals:

• Attend parent meetings and other information sessions
• Be a good listener
• Read to and with your child and listen to your child read every day
• Talk to your child about school and discuss his or her work
• Assist with excursions and activities
• Get to know your child's class teacher
• Get involved with parents' club or school council
• Teach your child to be independent and responsible
• Read notices and newsletters


Again, welcome, and may you enjoy your time at Albion Primary School.




Adrienne Williamson


Principal (Acting)

Albion Primary School.