School Production

School Production

The all singing, all dancing, all acting Albion Primary School musical production. Our performing arts program in full flight! I wonder what 2017 will have in store?


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2016's production celebrated the fact that it was the school's 90th anniversary and that the school was going though its four year review process.  The story was about the Regional Director (RD) coming to Albion to inspect the school and visit for the 90th anniversary. Unfortunately, the RD arrived a week earlier than expected and the principal and assistant principal were at a conference so Mr Haren had to step up into the top job. Thankfully, one of our student leaders organised Mr Haren and arranged for the RD to visit the art room, a science class, a football match, a classroom (that just happened to be having nit checks), the library, a cooking class, the vegie garden and the gymnasium. Unfortunately, disaster struck in every place the RD visited - he was covered in paint, he was nearly put through a scientific invention -  a doubling machine, he was hit by the football, thought he had nits, ended up under a pile of books, the kitchen caught on fire and he was soaked by the fire brigade's hose, he was pecked by the chickens in the vegie garden and thought he broke is leg in the gym class. However, it all ended well with the RD satisfied that Albion Primary School was indeed a caring place where staff did their very best for the students and wished Albion PS a very happy 90th anniversary.




Five Magic Beans was presented in 2015. Max traded the family cow for five magic beans. A beanstalk grew and at the top, Max met a whole lot of children who had a 'hard knock life' and wanted some 'food, glorious food!' He also met a giant who needed some glasses, hair and teeth. Max found what the giant needed at the Sunshine market, thanks to the help of a coffee drinking taxi driver. The taxi driver called on his many family members who were able to help Max - a groovy optometrist, a fancy hair stylist and a dentist (along with the tooth fairies!). The giant was happy, Max was safe and everyone celebrated because 'we're all in this together'.


In 2014 we presented Along the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy found herself over the rainbow after she was left behind at school in a storm. She met characters in Seussical Land including a rapping scarecrow who was looking for friends, a tinman wanting someone to care about him and a lion who was wanting respect. A wicked witch and the zombies banished the characters under the sea. There they met pirates and mermaids. Finally they made their way to Emerald City to 'be our guests' of the people. The characters finally found what they were looking for with the help of a wizard. Dorothy got back home and everyone rejoiced a 'brand new day'.