School Council

School council plays a key role in Victorian Government schools, and being a member of the school council can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Acting as a team, council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.


Some key areas a school councillor may bring their knowledge and skills to include developing broad direction and vision for the school, interpreting data or financial statements, working effectively as a council, or developing and understanding legislative and policy requirements.


Current school council members:

  • School Council President – Mohammed Sheikh
  • School Council Vice President – Nusrat Tazrin
  • School Council Treasurer – Andrea Murray
  • School Council Minute Secretary – Adrienne Williamson
  • Executive Officer – Matt Coughlan
  • Parent Member - Mathew Holmes
  • Parent Member - Yen Kie Ong
  • Staff Member - Jann Turner



All parents are welcome to attend meetings. Please let the principal know if you wish to attend.


School Council must meet at least twice a term.

Find out from the school office when the next meeting is.